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Send Jira-based Slack updates with AI

Save time

Ensembl uses surfaces relevant Jira issues and helps you write updates and reports in Slack with AI, saving you hours every single week.

Automate your reports

Stop project managing and make room for the work you love, with automated Jira-based updates in Slack in seconds.

Impress your stakeholders

Deliver consistent, valuable, JIra-based updates in Slack for stakeholders, before they even ask.

How it Works

Send updates in Slack based on Jira issues with AI, without ever leaving Slack


Verify the issues you want to report on

Verify the AI-generated list of recently updated Jira issues (right inside Slack) that are:

Top priority

Most impactful

Relevant to team


Customize highlights or just use the default

Customize highlights providing high-level context such as:

Business goals


Outstanding risks


Tag team members and send to channels or DMs

Tag team members in your update and send it off to a Slack channel or DM. You didn't need to open Jira at all!

More than Jira coming soon: Connect to all your tools

Ensembl will connect to all your favorite project management and productivity tools, learning from data and conversations to generate relevant business updates for your stakeholders.

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Your Ideal Product Manager Al Assistant

Forget what you shipped 4 weeks ago?

Don't worry, Ensembl Jira-based updates will remind you.

Is your Jira not perfect?

Ensembl works with plain issue titles. No lengthy descriptions or other fields required.

Too many tools & data to manage?

Ensembl analyzes all of it so that you don't have to.

Hate writing release notes?

The hard part is already done with Ensembl Jira-based updates.

Ensembl creates consistently formatted business updates, every single time.

Don't want to deal with formatting?

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